Monday: should be optional 

Hey guys!! 

I’m so sorry for the lack of daily blogposts as well as dance related posts. I’ve really had a lot to do lately and that’s why my blogging has been this bad. Another excuse is the fact that mom has been here, visiting me! ❤ We were looking for different apartments around Stockholm yesterday. 

One of the apartments was such a nice one, I really hope we’ll be able to buy that one. Soon we’ll found out and I’ll keep you updated along the way… 

Anyways, this was a tough Monday. Partly because it was Monday, the weather was all grey, cold, rainy and I was feeling sick with such a bad headache and a feverish feeling. I was supposed to go to Stockholm for ballet but it then got cancelled… The good thing though is that I’m going tomorrow instead. 

I finished a bit earlier today, around 2.30pm. I directly went to my room and sort of slept for 3 hours until it was dinner. That, plus some painkillers, made me feel much better. Gotta do what you gotta do… 😉 

It’s already a bit after 11 and I should really sleep, considering I’ve put the alarm on 5.30am so I’ll be able to workout before breakfast, at 7. Wish me luck with that! 

Goodnight ❤


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