Has anyone watched the Gilmore girls series? It’s really good and SO cozy to watch. I’m soon finished with season 1 so I have quite a bit to go before I’ve watched it all. Definitely recommending it though! 

Today I had lunch for 2.5 hours which was AMAZINGLY nice. I went to town with two girls from my class and then just chilled in my room. On Thursdays we always have, so called, läxis (basically mandatory study hours) before dinner. Starting at 4.30 until 6pm, meaning we have the evening off. Though today was a Hemmakupp game going on, which obviously was mandatory watching. This started at 8.30pm so at least we had quite some time for ourselves. I spent a really nice time with Sabina, going to town and buying candy #healthy ❤

Before läxis, we two were working out together- doing abs as well as a floor barre. Tomorrow I’ll spend some hours in the studio which will be really nice. I’ll then get back to the boarding house in the later evening, to spend my weekend here. I low key wish I was going to Stockholm but then I figured that I might as well stay here so I really get a lot of time to workout and to study.

Lucky me, I have a sleep-in tomorrow starting at 9!! Hope you all had a good day, nighty! ❤


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