Studies, sickness and more studies 

Hey everyone!! 

I’m SO sorry for not posting anything for 2 days. To be honest, I’ve felt really sick, not to mention the loads for school work I have. Yesterday we did a social studies test in economics, which went pretty well I think. 

This night I woke up at 2 in the morning. I wasn’t feeling good at all and had the worst stomach ache. I was up for 2 hours because I couldn’t sleep. Around 4ish, my roomie woke up as well and ironically enough she was feeling just as bad as I was. We had to call husmor to get some medicine since we both were legit dying. Oh well, I did fall asleep around 5 but stayed home for almost the whole school day. I only went to a meeting in the afternoon as well as the A-level maths since we have a BIG exam coming up next week… NOT looking forward to that.

Yesterday was Monday and I had ballet as usual. It wasn’t the best class ever though, I had been feeling sick throughout the day resulting in not eating either breakfast, lunch or dinner. That’s really bad and probably the main reason why the dance class didn’t go that well.

By the way, my best friend Rut just got the amazing news that she got in to KHIO, the ballet school in Norway. I’m so happy for her!! ❤

I was feeling slightly better this evening and did a floor barre and worked with some port des bras.

Tomorrow is uniform day and we also have the pulshöjande activities, so I’m going to the gym after school for some workout.

Although I’ve been sleeping more or less throughout the whole day, I’m still soo tired.  Nightyyy!! 


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