Desire to dance 

Yes, I love to learn and study. But I hate the normal school. I love getting to know people. But I hate being around non dancers people 24/7. I love new experiences. But honestly I cannot wait until this one is over. Only 50 days left!! 

Being a “normal” person does not only differ in terms of schedule, free time, hobbies and activities outside school, but also what your talking about, how you’re spending time and what you’re doing. 

I don’t think you have any idea of how many times I’ve actually truly wished I didn’t love to dance. I don’t only love dance, it is my life: it has been since I was 10 and will forever be, I hope. Of course I will come to a part of my career realising that my body and mind are too tired to keep going. But that day is not today, tomorrow and at least not for years ahead. 

(Sadly), I do have an extreme desire to dance. Being even more noticeable as I currently am in a normal school. I miss dancing everyday. Though I am working out each and everyday and take ballet class at least two times a week, it is not actual dancing. At least not dancing as in having class, continuing with pointe, pas de deux, variations, modern, contemporary, rehearsals … and so it goes on. 

If you are in a dance school, please be thankful that your body bares with it. Mine didn’t, and that sucked. Nowadays, I’ve gotten much stronger and hopefully nothing similar will ever happen again. 

Don’t get me wrong, only because I don’t enjoy the school that much it doesn’t mean that I dislike everything. I’ve gotten such amazing friends here, we’re really close like sisters. 

I cannot wait until the last day of school is here. After the summer break, I am finally starting a ballet school again. It’s been a diverse year, traveling around without knowing where to go, whom to be or what to do. Now I know. And I am more sure than ever. 

I want to dance, only dance and do nothing but dancing. ❤❤


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