On Wednesdays we wear UNIFORM


Heyy guyss!! 

Today was Wednesday, meaning uniform day (I am not wearing it in the left photo though) and since the last class was cancelled I finished at 12.30 (!!!!!!). It was a good day ..

We started off the morning with uniform check as always, on Wednesdays. Instead of splitting up going to different classes, we were all going to an assembly outside, where we had to stand and listen to the school priest talking about easter.

Yesterday was the Arcu Gala, in celebration of 50 dagars- 50 days until graduation! This afternoon I spent 3.5 hours writing the PSAT tests, english and maths. This was not mandatory but you could sign up for it if you were interested and I thought it would be interesting, so I did. We’re getting the results in 6-8 weeks so now I just have to wait… I think it went alright, not too bad and not too good either.

My evening was mainly spent with Sabina but all girls were down in the kitchen for a bit, celebrating Louise’s 18th birthday. Happy birthday bby ❤ ! We love you so much !

So tomorrow is THE day, I will be flying to DELHI. Though the plane departures at 4.30pm meaning I will spend the day in school before going to the airport. I CANNOT wait until I get to see my family, friends, (my cat) and some warm weather again. It will be lovely! The best part is that I am staying for almost 2 weeks and on Saturday I’ll be going to AES prom with the seniors and juniors. You’ll hear more about that soon,

Now I got to sleep,

Goodnight ❤


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