10 random facts about me 

1. I’m reallyyy picky with food

2. I’m a morning person 

3. I’m always on time 

4. I hate soft drinks 

5. I don’t like eggs except for scramble egg 

6. I am obsessed with cats and babies, don’t ask me why (!)

7. My most effective hours, where I get the most done, is in the morning. Like 6-11am something 

8. I suffer abilities being able to sleep in late, it doesn’t matter whether I’ve gone to bed at 10, 1 or even 4am – I’ll wake up around 8 anyway … 

9. I hated Delhi at first (mostly because I had to leave Zürich I guess), but now I absolutely love it

10. When I was smaller, I couldn’t stay over at my friends’ houses, I was too scared to sleep away from my parents. Look at me today, we’re living on two different sides of the earth

That was all for now!! Hopefully you’ve gotten to know me a tad better, comment if you want more posts similar to this one ❤


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