This is my happy place 

Heyy guysss!! 

I’m currently out in the sofas on our balcony, enjoying the view over the golf course, eating ice cream with my sister while listening to music and watching 13 reasons why. This is my happy place. 🙂

So to take it all from the beginning, I arrived to Delhi 5.25am on Friday. The flight was more than good, since I got upgraded to Business class. After getting home and being reunited with my family again, they were heading to catch the school bus, I took an hour nap- trying to catch up on the lack of sleep due to the overnight flight. Since it was prom on Saturday, I had my outfit all prepared but my dress was a bit too long. This was no problem fixing, we drove to a supermarket and man on the street took 20 Minutes fixing the length so it fit me perfectly. India can really be amazing sometimes, this couldn’t be more convenient especially since we only paid 200 rupees, which is about 20kr. This would’ve taken ages in Sweden…

After some grocery (aka snacks) shopping at Modern Bazaar, we drove off to Delhi for an hour of physio. Then we went to AES around 2, for lunch and we listened to an assembly with the nobel peace price winner, Kailash Satyarthi 2014. I also met with my ballet friend and it was really nice to see her again! We spent all afternoon at AES, Thea had a swimming competition which lasted until 7, my night was spent with my family – though I went to bed quite early due to jet lag. 

Saturday basically started off at school, my siblings had swimming practise which gave me time to workout with my friend in one of the workout rooms at the school. We then went home for lunch and later on all three of us girls got our nails done. My evening/night consisted of pre prom/prom/getting lost in the middle of nowhere/after party- but I’ll tell you all about it in another post!! 

Today is Sunday, it is soon 12 and I might meet up with a friend for lunch before heading to Delhi to participate in my friend’s CAS project, arranging a 100m competition for slum children. I spent around an hour in the gym this morning as well and on Wednesday + Thursday I’ll do class with my friend. 

Take care !! ❤


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