A visit to Old Delhi 

Spices. Richaws. Cows. Dogs. People. All squezzed up on narrow streets with way too many cables. What I am talking about is Old Delhi. 

My mom has joined this group of expats called 7 cities. Every Wednesday, they go on a tour, visiting different places in and outside Delhi, for sightseeing. Today Old Delhi was on the schedule and since I am here, I came along. 

We left our apartment a bit before eight. After driving for almost an hour, we got to the red fort parking lot, where we met with the others.

First out was walking along the sides of the red fort, which by the way were covered in marijuana plants, until we got to the richaws.

We shared a richaw in groups of four. Other stops during the tour were a mosque, crowded streets in Old Delhi, the spice market and we finished off with some Indian lunch (which mom and I had to rush from, to be in time for the appointment at the physio).

As you can tell by the photos above, Old Delhi was amazing. Though it was humid, around 40 degrees, loads and loads and loads of people it was really cool to experience the older part of Delhi. Almost as if we travelled a 100 years back in time. Just take a look at who that woman was ironing the clothes!

If ever visiting India and Delhi, going to Old Delhi is a must! To that end, only if you want to experience true Delhi 😉 


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