Cat cuddles, studies, tanning, ballet

… pretty much sums up what I’ve done today.

I did ballet class this morning for more than two hours, at the studio here in Gurgaon with their ‘company’ and my ballet friend giving the class. The barre was good, center was OK, adagio was better, turns as well, allegro was bad and pointe was average. To that end, a pretty okay class.

When I got back to my apartment, mom and I had lunch before going down to tan by the pool. I’ve realised how easy it is for me to get tanned, much well appreciated!! So many of my friends are in Dubai or other countries with loads of sun, all tanning lots and I obviously don’t want to be the palest- so I better work that tan 😉

Another thing I did this morning was to finish watching the series 13 reasons why– which I bet 90% of the world’s teenagers watch. It is all over the internet and I definitely recommend it. To keep it short, it is about a girl who recorded 13 tapes explaining 13 reasons why she commit suicide.

I just got back from the gym, here I ran 5km and did a tiny bit of core work as well as back exercises. I will spend the rest of the evening with my mom and sister.

Take care! ❤ 


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