Sunday equals funday :) 

Mornin guysss!!

I’m currently in the car with the fam, I spent the whole day tanning and now we’re on our way to Delhi to meet up some friends over brunch. Yummy!!

I’ve spent such great days here, don’t ever want it to end. Sun, physio, ballet, friends, family and no school = ❤. Fortunately, I am leaving on Tuesday so I still have 2 full days ahead.

I had an hour of physio on Friday and ran 5km when at home. Yesterday, I met my ballet friend at school. We found this multipurpose room in one of the middle school buildings- perfect to workout in!! They also had this little gymnastics trampoline which worked great for warmup. After a mini barre, we did pointe shoes for around 50 minutes. The exercises were really good and I didn’t struggle as much as I thought I would. I can feel that I’ve gotten stronger, though I obviously have a lot I need to work more on. My knee strength needs to get better so to always keep the knees over the feet, especially when jumping. I also have a bad habit of not pointing my foot till the end, the toes, so we’re working loads on that as well.

I was out with friends both Friday and Saturday night, which was great fun.

My dad came home from Sweden the other day, early morning/ night. He brought as much- if not even more food than I did when I arrived. Now we have loads loads loads of candy, especially Easter ones. I prepared Easter eggs filled with candy for everyone yesterday. Loveee it!!

Yesterday evening I ran for 25 minutes and additionally did a bit of strengthening exercises. One of the things I did was push-ups, 10 in 3 sets  having the arms positioned differently. First shoulder width, then as in a first position on the floor and lastly really wide. However, once I started doing my push-ups- on the knees because I am too weak to do 30 full ones. Right the second I start this body builder next to me literally throws himself on the floor and starts doing full push-ups in 10 times faster tempo than what I did. Thanks buddy.. 

Tomorrow’s plans are physio, we have to fix mom’s sari for this ‘big fat Indian wedding’ which my parents are going to. Other than that we might fix our nails at a salon in a mall. We will for sure pay a visit to Modern Bazaar as well, bringing Indian snacks with me back to Sweden is a necessity.

We’ll probably spend some hours eating this brunch and when finished I’ll have to make an effort studying for an upcoming maths test which we may or may not have next week…

Enjoy Sundayyyy x


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