Airport bound 

Morning all!!

It is right now 9.21 in the morning and I am by the gate, waiting to board the plane. 

The flight to Helsinki will take 7 hours and 40 minutes, I’ll probably read, study and watch movies to kill the time. The stopover in Helsinki isn’t as short as it usual is, I’ll have 5 hours before boarding the one hour flight to Stockholm, landing 08.20pm… Oh well… 

I am not at all excited to go back to SNOWY (!!!!!!!!) Sweden. As seen above, the sad truth, it’s 40 degrees difference between Delhi and Sigtuna and today it is said that the temperature will reach 44 degrees! Meanwhile I’ll have to be stuck with 0 degrees and snow in Sweden, depressing.

The good thing though, is that it is only 30 days until I come here next time. I haven’t even left the country, yet I cannot wait till I come back.

Short story: when I was to buy my Starbucks drink, like 20 minutes ago, they apparently only accepted MasterCards which I didn’t have. Though the lady was nice enough to hand me my drink anyway, a Chai Latte ❤ all for free ❤

I hope you all have had a great start of the week. This weekend will be a red one at the boarding houses, meaning everyone has to stay and our schedule will be full of mandatory (ugh) activities. The weekend after is Valborg which is really exciting because I’ll be flying to Skåne since we have 3 days off. Hopefully some friends will come along.

Wish me a good flight, à bientôt !! 


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