Back in business !!

Good evening guysss, 

It is 11.22pm and I am in bed, watching the Norwegian TV series Skam. 

I cannot believe that it’s only been a day since I came. It feels like weeks.

Today was uniform day as per usual on Wednesdays. We started off the day by singing for Sabina, who’s turning sweet 16 today!! 🎉🎉After breakfast all first to third ringers had an assembly in the aula and after that I had a free period. During my hour off I was working out in the gym, running 5 minutes as warmup -continued by doing sets of core exercises and a little back as well. I then had maths and later on lunch, finished with English. I spent another hour working out in the gym, right before dinner. This time it was more focused on running and turnout exercises. 

Sadly, my roomie will be away for quite some days due to having surgery removing her tonsils. Meaning I am all alone, poor me!! I wish everything goes alright for her. 

I can’t wait for ballet on Friday and also, it is only 29 days until I’m flying to Delhi ❤ I have the laziest day tomorrow though, 3.5 hours of håltimme (free period) and I finish at 1.20pm… –> loads of time to workout !! 

I better sleep now, jet lag made me accidentally power nap during läxis yet I am really tired. Nightyyy ❤ 


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