Long breaks, early days

So this has been an absolutely EXHAUSTING day. Or not. I started at 8am with business class for 50 minutes, then I was left with a free period for 3.5 HOURS which is like an eternity. 

My free period was spent working out for two hours, mainly focusing on ballet things such as floor barre and pointe shoe exercises. I then spent the last hour going to Ica (supermarket) in town with Louise, since she had to buy some stuff.

When the 3.5 hours had passed, maths was on the schedule- for another 50 minutes. Then I finished, at 1.20pm (!). That is actually insane, when I think about it. Going from being used to finish around 6pm – something – to having two classes in one day, a huge break and then finish around lunch time … Oh well, I will never get used to this normal school life. Good thing it is only 7 weeks left until graduation… ❤ then –> ballet school.

Before läxis, which is earlier on Thursdays, me and Sabina worked out at the gym for another hour. When today’s dinner was over we had a hemtid, all the girls in our house were playing football as a preparation for the upcoming competition between the homes (aka hemserien). To be honest, football is not my thing at all and I really suck at it. Ballet and dance don’t necessarily include any balls and are way safer on many plans. 😉

I don’t have that much to do in school at the moment, which of course is super nice. This means more time to workout and even more time to spend with my friends. This upcoming weekend is a red one so everyone will stay whilst next weekend is a grey weekend and I’ll be traveling to Skåne.

Tomorrow I’ll go to Stockholm for ballet but most importantly, IT IS MY SISTER’S BIRTHDAY!! ❤

Goodnight all ❤ 


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