Treat yo self – Friday 

Happy Friday everyone!! 

FINALLY Friday again and we interns are beyond excited for this red weekend ❤ (or not). Tomorrow we have something called “Academic Saturday”. Yep, academics on a Saturday. I’ve chosen to do maths and I hope I will get a lot out from it so it’s not a waste of time. We’ll see about that… 

As I went to Stockholm for ballet I wasn’t participating in the football game played against Berga. Unfortunately I heard that we lost. We better do better in tomorrow’s game then.  Pray for us !! 

After ballet I met up with Rut for like an hour, eating frozen yogurt, gossiping and just spending time together. I’ve missed her! 

I am super relieved not having that much going on in school at the moment. Though the thing is that we have two Swedish exams coming up next week, called national test. You cannot study for them except for reading on a daily basis and maybe go through parts from the Swedish book. 

It is only a bit before 12 but I’m already struggling to keep my eyes open. This might be because I woke up at 5 the morning and was unable to go back to sleep. Ughh! At least I can hopefully sleep in tomorrow before having brunch at 10. 

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, bonne nuit !! X


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