That’s why. 

I got asked this questions two days ago. What do I miss the most about ballet? 

Well. What don’t I miss?

Being in the position I am in now, doesn’t only make me realise how truly committed to dance I actually am. It makes me realise that I will do everything to become the possible best I can ever be.

I miss warming up with my friends in the studio, hours before the actual class. I miss the happiness coming from managing something you struggled with in the past. I miss having endless rehearsals and legs that were more than dead, coming home from ballet at night. I miss being surrounded by dancers. I miss the early mornings and late nights spent in the studio. I miss having photo shoots. I even miss contemporary which may come as a surprise for people who really know me. 

So for you asking what I miss; I miss everything. And a bit more than that.

Somehow these type of questions always go back to one thing. Why do I dance?

I think I dance not only because I cannot see myself doing anything else, but because the dance chose me. Or did I chose the dance? Not really. Ever since I saw this dance performance by the royal Swedish ballet school in third class, I’ve been stuck. My mindset hasn’t always been with the goal to become a ballet dancer, since I was too young then to know what I really wanted in life. But as the years passed by, the bigger part in my life the ballet took. Until I realised that I could not longer see a future without the dance.

And not just dance as something you do several hours a week, but dance as your life. Not a hobby but a lifestyle.

To see your body as a tool which you work with, hard work but surely taking care as well. Otherwise injuries will come as signs of too hard work (cough, cough) you might even break something ..

Oh well, in order to improve in dance- hard work is not just something optional, it is what you need to do, all day everyday- for years. You need to get in the studio with determination, leaving with satisfaction. No excuses. That is what I love to do.

That’s why I dance. 


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