WeekEND :( 

Sadly, this weekend went by way too fast. It was such a good one. Being back in school is depressing as usual. I hope these 7 weeks (or whatever’s left) will pass by fast, then it is graduation. 

Me and Sabina spent almost more than 4 hours in total, at the gym during this weekend. Running, doing ab exercises, legs, back, arms, feet and so on. I haven’t had that much work in school which meant that I could really take time to do good workouts. I high key wish I was in a dance school… soon though!!!!!

Since this was a red weekend, watching football and hemserien on Saturday afternoon was mandatory (gotta love being a boarding school student). As well as playing ‘capture the flag’ with all the other interns/ boarders over the whole school area. Boys against girls. Not to mention Academic Saturday, being forced to do maths on a Saturday… ugh

Today is Izabelle’s birthday so we all sang for her at 7.55am -like always when it is someone’s birthday.

Just like everyone else’s Monday at SSHL, mine started at 9am. I then had a long Swedish class, followed by a 2 hours break and lastly a maths class. Pretty chill day I’d say.

I am now on my way back to Sigtuna from ballet. It was a really good class today, which I am so happy about. Finally I can see some improvements. I LOVE being able to work hard. I LOVE to see that hard work gives results. And especially, I LOVE to dance.

Outside the safe walls of the train, the weather is pretty much typical April weather, the rain is pouring down and the sky covered in thick grey clouds. Nice…!

When getting back to the internat I will eat some dinner, study for a bit and then do another ab workout with Sabina. ❤ My roomie is finally back from her surgery, it was so nice to see her again, roomie love ❤

I hope everyone’s Monday was better than mine, because mine was shit all the way until I had ballet. 
See you!! 


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