Come to Sweden and experience all four seasons in only a day !!

Heyy guys!! 

I feel like this week has been going on FOREVER. Oh my god. I was a 100% sure it was Thursday yesterday and now Wednesday has nearly come to an end?? 

My day started with a national exam in Swedish, writing comprehension, for 2 hours. I think and hope it went well. We have the third and last part on Friday and then there are the English ones next week. For business class today we pitched our business ideas for upcoming work and my afternoon was spent DYING (cause of death=cold) watching another hemserien- game in football, OUTSIDE.

The weather has been crazy lately. We woke up to a shining sun and singing birds, to next minute face the fears of SNOW, followed by RAIN and later on even sun again. Right now it is freezing cold and a little rain but not too much. Luckily.

Another exciting happening today was the elections for hemråd at all the homes. We now have a new prefekt, vice prefekt, fritidsförman and two new helping hands.

I finish school crazy early tomorrow, around 1.20pm. For someone that is used to days ending at six, this is insane. I will obviously use all my free time for working out. I am happy to see how hard work actually gives results and I can feel my body getting stronger, seeing improvements in ballet as well.

Goodnight xxx 


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