Good food, friends and music

Good morning guys!! 

I swear almost the whole Swedish population is hungover today, from heavy Valborg celebrations.  I spent such a great Valborg in Skåne. Good food, friends and music. 

My day started off quite early, whereas I went out to meet friends around nine in the morning. We met up with a bunch of people, I only knew one of them which was a guy going to SSHL as well. Anyway, we walked our way to Stadsparken, where there were crazy many people. People in Lund go all in for parties, especially since almost everyone are students. It was about 10, 000 people and also quite some polices to keep track of all the (drunk) but happy human beings wandering around.

We made even more friends when arriving and I had such a great time. The whole aura was all positivity and happiness. Loved it! 

My cousins came to pick me up as they were to drop me off at my friend’s house, around lunch time. I was then reuniting with one of my closest friends Agnes, after months not seeing each other – and here family as well. We enjoyed the nice weather outside her house in the garden and in the later afternoon we started getting ready for the evening. We were to meet some of her friends.

It was really cozy and we made an amazing dinner which tasted super good! If you keep scrolling down you’ll see more of what we actually had to eat.

Our night wasn’t too long and we went to bed around 1ish. I hope everyone had a great Valborg, or just an overall great weekend if not celebrating. Much love! 






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