Nature appreciation post 2.0

Holaaa ! 
I’ve just got back to the boarding home, after some really needed days off. This was definitely one of the best weekends I’ve had in a while. Nothing beats being outside on the country side in good weather! 

My doctors appointment at 1pm went alright. This was the doctor who did the surgery in my foot as well. He promised to write another certificate for me, to be sent to the royal Swedish ballet school- so they’re sure I can be a dancer and that I am 100% recovered. 🙂

I did workout this morning,- arms and legs including turnout exercises, after a cozy walk with grandma. Right before going to bed last night, I did some foot series as well. When läxis is finished I’ll head to the gym to run a bit, followed by abs and probably some more arm stuff.

Tomorrow we’re having another national test, this time English is up, a writing task. As I love to not only read but also write, and preferably in English, the test will probably go well. Let’s hope for the best. Tomorrow’s afternoon/ evening will be spent in the studio doing ballet, as always I cannot wait… missing dance heaps.

Take care x 


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