Summer, is it you??

Hey guys!! I’m so sorry for not posting something for ages!! I’ve school and exams to blame on that… 

I’m currently on the train, on my way back from a good ballet class in Stockholm. Things were working pretty fine today. Right before I left the boarding house me and my roomie made the best snack, which ended up being a roomie date we realised. How cozy? We started making banana pancakes made of only bananas, eggs and fibre oats- topped with watermelon and a little syrup, as well as muffins with not only raspberries but also cinnamon apples in them. So yummy!!

Both yesterday and today I had a 3 hours long free period, in the middle of the day. Surprise, surprise,- these hours were spent in the gym. Hardly working or working hard? Anyhow, Sabina and I had such a nice time yesterday afternoon, walking to town and later on eating ice cream and watermelon in the amazing weather.

Talking about the weather, it definitely feels like summer now. I pray for it to stay– though the weather prognosis says it will be raining some day next week… hope not!!

The other day I finished at 1.20pm which is way too early according to me, so I decided to go to Stockholm to visit my ballet friends at my (old) ballet school. It was SO nice to be back around dancers and obviously to see my friends again!!

Enjoy friday!! See you x



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