Hola guysss!! 

I am SO sorry for my extreme absence the past three days. Like always before, I do have school to blame on this…. 

Though I actually have some ballet news to tell you all about. So in exactly 20 days I will be having auditions for the ballet school I am attending next year. Not just that, I will also have to present a solo, performing a modern/contemporary piece. I already have a guaranteed spot at the school, but they will have to examine my dancing anyways, for obvious reasons. I am not that nervous for it all but looking forward to get more and more into dancing again.

I am currently training for about 3 hours everyday- trying to work harder and harder for each day passing by. I have already chosen music and started choreographing the solo. I asked my followers on instagram for music tips and oh my god, I got LOADS of suggestions and I am SO thankful for that, really. I won’t yet tell you what music I’ve chosen but you will of course see videos and photos during the process- sooner or later!

Fortunately, I will be in Delhi the week before the ‘auditions’ and this means that I will spend loads of hours with my ballet friend there. She has already promised we will try and work at least 4 hours a day. I am sure you can imagine how truly thankful I am… ❤

I really need to sleep now, I am literally exhausted- I’ve worked out very hard, done a lot of pointe work, ran in a running competition (my team won) and in addition to that I’ve had like four exams. I NEED WEEKEND.

Goodnight y’allll ❤


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