Throwback Arcu, Academic Sunday, dancedancedance 

Hey everyone !!

It is currently 11.17pm and another weekend has come to its end- fortunately this was a red weekend so I’m not too sad it’s over. Though my schedule for next week is a pretty busy one and I am happily leaving for Delhi in 6 days!! 

Social studies test is up tomorrow, a huge maths exam on Tuesday, probably french exam Wednesday, french exam Thursday, maths essay due Friday as well as English oral test… gotta love this ‘normal school’ life….

Oh well, this has been a pretty intense weekend. A lot of studying and working out. I’ve come pretty far in my dance as well and I am really happy with it. On Saturday night we had another Arcu (skl) disco and as seen in the pictures above the theme was throwback- which pretty much explains my outfit.

Today we had school, Academic Sunday, mandatory from 12 – 4.30pm tough I actually didn’t go until the very last class- since I had loads of other things to study and I got permission from our housetutor to stay at home to study.

I CANNOT wait until I go to Delhi. To see my friends, to be in the heat, to be in India, live with my family for a little while and practise with my ballet friend, ahhh I hope this week goes by fast !!

Since we have an hour of sleep in tomorrow morning, I am waking up quite early to go for a run, before breakfast. Hopefully I will fit in some studying as well. I am planning on working out after school and then work on my dance. On Tuesday I’ll be doing ballet, Friday too.

I better sleep now, I hope your weekend was a good one; nightyyy xx 


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