Back update 

Holaaaa guys! 

Since I’ve got so many questions about this lately, here comes a back update.
As you may or may not know, just some weeks after my school start in Zurich, I was diagnosed with spondylolisis– a stress fracture in my lumber spine on the left side. This was very painful and not only had I a stress fracture but a stress reaction on the other side.

After months of rest and amazing physio treatment in Delhi, ft AktivOrtho, was I given confirmation from several doctors that I was healed. They compared the MRI results from October with the new ones- taken in February and saw major differences. Their conclusion and final statement were that I was healed.

Happily healed, back on track to work my way towards become a ballerina. 

Being healed obviously doesn’t mean you will never experience pain again, nor that you can stop building muscles around that area. Although I am healed I may feel some slight inconvenience in the lower back, when working hard. This doesn’t necessarily have to indicate that the injury is coming back, or that I’m not healed but a result of hard work with a body that is not 100% used to move in such movements due to the many months off hard training.

As I have been writing in previous posts, some weeks ago I felt this soreness in my back but as I kept going it disappeared after only some days. This always happens in different, other, parts of my body, and is especially common for dancers since they’re always working their bodies hard with almost no rest.

My present condition of my back is good. All good everything good. My ballet classes are going better and better and I can slowly feel my body getting back in shape. I work at least 2-3 hours everyday myself, in the gym. I try to run at least every other day, if not everyday (everything from 3k- 5k I’d say) and additionally continue with strength.

For exercising I put extra effort into working my core and to really engage the abdominals. It was probably due to lack of muscles in the back and core as well as over flexibility in the back that caused the injury. Other than that I obviously do back too, legs, inductors, feet, arms and so it goes on. 

In exactly two weeks I am having the uppdansning (mini exam) for the Royal Swedish Ballet school which I will go to next year. I am a bit nervous but more excited. Meaning, loads of hard work!!

Take care xo

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