3 random ..

…photos from the past days.

I was visiting my dance school yesterday afternoon when in Stockholm. It was so nice being there and too see my friends again. Before that, I was happily stuck with maths exams from 8 till 2pm, sounds nice doesn’t it?

Anyhow, I think it went good and I hope I get a good grade so that my final grade is a high one. Pray for me!!

This was literally the most chill day ever. I couldn’t go to my first class due to having to make an important call. That class was mentor time which is the most unnecessary class ever. I then had my free period because I’m not taking the history course. This was followed by business class- which we didn’t have to go to since people were doing retests and we have a huge project to work on (business plan) which we can do outside class. I didn’t have maths either nor English since we are split into groups. To summarise this, I was free the whole day.

HOW nice. I worked out for 2.5 hours and other than that I’ve just been chilling with friends, and studying for a bit.

I have two oral exams tomorrow… wish me luck with those!! Goodnight guys xoxo 


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