Summer? Swimming, exams and Delhi feels


Ahhhhh I am leaving for Delhi tomorrow!! My flight is in the afternoon and I will arrive 5.25am on Sunday- Delhi time. I am literally so excited and I cannot wait till I get to see my family again ❤ 

Yesterday, as we had läxis earlier, me, Jamine and Sabina spent a really cozy evening together. We actually went swimming in the sea, it was cold but not freezing. So much fun! The weather has been amazing this past few days, around 26 degrees something, clear blue sky, a shining sun and not much wind. Hopefully it will stay like this from now on all the way to August, I doubt that though….

Sabina and me were ambitious enough to wake up a bit before six this morning, to quickly dress and then go out for a walk. It was so pretty and such a nice time. ❤

I had ballet today (unfortunately a really bad class) but before going back to Sigtuna I met with Sabina & Jamine once again and we had a cozy dinner. I am now pretty much packed and won’t do much more today, I will workout before leaving tomorrow but other than that my schedule isn’t the most busy at the moment. I had my last English exam today so now it is only a french one left, then done for the year (I guess!) 🙂

I hope you all have had a good Friday, enjoy the wknd and find time to go out in the nice weather- you never know how long it will last!!




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