Workout, meaning hardly working or working hard? 

Hey guys!! 

I fell asleep before nine yesterday night and even managed sleeping until 6.30am when my alarm went off. Talking about being tired?? Oh well after managing getting out of bed, I got ready and we all head to school around an hour later. 

When at school I met with my friend and as the director of physical education denied us to use their huge (non used) studios we chose to go to her gym at her house instead. There we worked out for almost four hours, starting with floor barre- barre in pointe shoes, center and pirouettes. The barre went really well but the center wasn’t as good. It will be tomorrow though!! 

Tomorrow I will spend the whole morning working out with her, and the afternoon shopping with mom. 

It is so nice to be back in Delhi and the heat again. I’ve spent the evening out on the balcony, enjoying the view while watching series and doing some work as well. 

It’s only nine but I’m already tired, I will spend 45 minutes stretching before I can even think about going to bed. It’s been raining on and off throughout this day, which is really nice I have to admit. Humid but nice and just about 40 degrees, – perfect!! 

I hope you’ve had a good Monday, see youu 


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