Perks of living in India

Good evening guys!! 

I am DED. Literally. I’ve worked out so much these past days that I haven’t even had time to write any blogposts… soz! 

So I started off this morning with working out (surprise surprise) at my ballet friend’s house, as per usual. 2.5 hours later I went back home for lunch and I also managed spending some time by the pool before getting ready for the day. Mom and I drove into Delhi in the afternoon for a nice fika with Swedish friends before the pickup at school.

My friend and I had rent the studio from 4-5pm but ended up working out for two more hours. In the morning we did floor barre, strengthening exercises followed by barre, center and pointe work. In the afternoon we did contemporary. It is SO nice to work.

The other day mom and I went to the Russian market. Not only did we buy four leather jackets (photos will be up soon) but also did I experience listening to Indians speaking Russian with an Indian accent. Quite an experience. Anyway, the Russian market looks just like any other market in Delhi. It has the Indian smell, it’s messy, dogs are all over the place, it’s dirty and Indians are everywhere (speaking Russian). In the middle of all this, there’s this leather shop to be found. The store is not bigger than 15 square metres -something, with leather clothes everywhere. You can either buy an already made jacket or show the owner a picture for him to stitch. The brands of the clothes are literally everything from Asos, River Island, Dolce & Gabbana, Massimo Dutti, Diesel and so on. Top quality, super cheap and they look amazing! We got four jackets for 15 000 rupees which is 1, 500 sek (aka nothing).

The third ringers at my (temporary) school in Sweden graduated yesterday. They all looked amazing and I will miss them in the few days that are left of school for the rest of us. I know they’ll all do great in life and I wish them the best of luck for whatever they choose to do. ❤

I cannot believe I am going back to Sweden on Sunday. Gladly, graduation is getting closer and closer. I’m soon out the normal school!!

I’m currently watching Riverdale. Has anyone seen it? I thought it was going to be super cringe (it is, a little) but surprisingly good to be honest. Definitely recommend it!!

See you x 


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