Hey guys!! 
I’m currently on the train, going from Stockholm back to Sigtuna after a (good) ballet class. The weather is so summerish, loveeee it!! The sun’s shining, hardly any clouds and I’d estimate the temperature to 20something. It’s not Delhi’s +40 instant heat but nothing beats a Swedish summer. Though Snapchat said it was only 15 degrees — but everyone knows that Snapchat isn’t the most reliable source for most cases 😉

Anyway, it was SO nice to be reunited with my friends yesterday ❤ I’ve missed them SO much. I think that especially since we’re sharing house and see each other 24/7, being away is pretty tough. I was doubting surviving one week let alone the whole summer? Oh well, thank god there’s social media.

I got back to the boarding house around 6 in the evening, when I had unpacked everything me and Sabina went out for a long walk, enjoying the weather. As always Mondays mean sleep-ins to nine for everyone at SSHL. I can literally never sleep in though & jet lag didn’t exactly make it better. Sabina and I were up and ready to take on the world around 7, we went for another walk followed by a quick ab workout before breakfast- sandwiches and scramble egg with tomatoes and peppers.

My school day was pretty chill. I only had two classes and worked out during lunch, for an hour. I started running for 20 Minutes. Followed by 16 lunges to the front as well as 4 to the side, parallel, and 4 more but turned out. Then I did a set of 50 crunches on a Pilates ball, one minute plank – front and to both sides (aka 3 minutes + side lifts when in plank) and these ‘long dips’/ bikeish leg movements starting from table top and extending one leg at a time- 32 times. I did this set twice. Continued with 30 push-ups, or more like 10+10+10, on the knees. Followed by an exercise for the glutes. Then I did 15 relevés with +5kg weight, two times, back lifts 10×2 and then I stretched.

I hope your day was a good one!! See you 


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