Happy belated national day !


Hey guys!! 
Happy belated national day Sweden!! We spent this day off with all the boarders at the school, visiting the theme park Gröna Lund. The weather was perfect compared to today’s– rain, rain, rain and storm. 

Yesterday (early) morning I went for a run for an hour, which felt really good. After some brunching with friends, all the boarding houses were split up between different busses which took us to the theme park. We spent around five hours there. Good food, rides and friends!!

We got back home around 8ish and the evening was spent packing. We have our graduation on Friday, meaning we’re leaving the school so everyone has to pack up their stuff for summer.

This morning actually started off with me performing my contemporary solo in front of the whole school during the aula assembly. I also held a short presentation telling them about my story. I think people really liked it and it was so much fun dancing on stage again.

I worked out this afternoon and I’ve spent the rest of the day packing. Right now I’m watching a Barbie (classic) movie and eating cake with my roomie!! Roomie love ❤

Only 1 more (full) day until summer holidays!! Ahhhh so excited 💫💫
See you 


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