Survived normal skl –> summer

Holaaaa guysssss! Happy summer holidaysssssssssss ❤ 

This has been a diverse year, to say the least. I am SO relieved to finally know where to go and what to do, as I’ve said multiple times before. Although I think it is important to keep in mind that it is not about the destination but the journey. I couldn’t be more happy about the fact that I am no longer in a normal school, that I managed to recover or that I will go to a dance school again but I am also so happy for all the amazing friends I’ve met and memories I’ve created during this year.

Today was a day filled with tears and joy. It was so sad to say goodbye to my close skoga sisters (besties) at the boarding house. Leaving the school itself wasn’t the issue, but the friends, the memories we’ve created throughout this half year…

My family (my siblings and mom) came to pick me up around lunch and then we drove to Stockholm. We are staying at a friend’s house tonight and will drive to South of Sweden tomorrow afternoon. On Wednesday we’ll be travelling to Switzerland and stop by Zurich which I cannot wait to do. Finally seeing my friends again!

Then there’s the Swedish midsommar which will be celebrated with my best friend and her family, I will also work two weeks, go to Vaganova ballet summer course for two weeks, fix the apartment for the upcoming school year and then we’re going to Delhi in the end of summer.

I honestly can’t get over the fact that I’m on summer break now, like what? 10 weeks of no school, stress or strict rules/ mandatory activities to follow? This summer I will really put focus on my workouts and try to become more stronger and work harder than ever,

See you ❤ lots of love



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