Summer feelings? Nah 

Heyy guys hope you’re well!! 

Today has been a pretty average day. I worked out (super intense) for two hours before lunch, then I spent another two hours cleaning ‘my house’ and after that I baked some healthy (and yummy) fibre oat cookies. Right before dinner I was running with my sister for like an hour. We worked on intervals which was really good. 

Tomorrow we’re going to grandma’s and probably seeing some of our cousins as well. I’ll try to workout early in the morning as we’re leaving early in order to get to them before lunch. Hopefully I’ll manage doing some  shopping there too. 😉 

Having summer break is always nice but I really haven’t had the time to relaxed and feel ‘summer’ yet. I am more than excited to go to Vaganova ballet master class course in 3 weeks though, in Mikkeli – Finland. Two weeks of intense training, can it get any better? Can’t wait! 

Take care!! ❤ 


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