Hey guys!! 

I’ve almost (not really) finished my packing and we’re leaving early tomorrow morning around 6.30am!! We’ll drive to Denmark and then we’re taking the ferry to Germany. The total drive is around 10 hours something and we will then sleep in Wiesbaden for one night before taking on Zurich.

I literally cannot wait to see my friends in Zurich!! We will spend two night at a hotel there and then continue driving to Rougemont and Gstaad, our final destination. I don’t know exactly how many nights we’re staying there for but around a week I guess, before driving back to Sweden again.

Today I’ve worked out for two hours followed by a 5k run with my sister. Other than that I was in town with mom and Thea where I bought a self tanner from St Tropez. I just put it on and so far so good ;).

When in Switzerland, we’ll enjoy the fresh alp air when hiking and spend some time with our grandparents. I love Switzerland and Rougemont is so cozy and very beautiful in the summer, not to mention really good practise for my french. C’est très bien, n’est pas ? ❤

Take care and à bientôt ! 



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