Germany 14th June

Hallo everyone and greetings from Germany!!

This day started off really early, I was up already by 5 and we left our house a bit after half past seven. First up was a three hours drive through Denmark to get on the ferry, where we had breakfast #2. It only took 45 minutes over to Germany and then we had a 6 hours drive ahead of us. Everything went on pretty well, it didn’t feel like it was that long and we made some stops along the way.

Apparently this is the 4th time we’re staying at our current hotel, is it bad that I can only remember it once before? #toomuchtraveling …

We got to Wiesbaden around 6ish and after leaving the car as well as our bags at the hotel we enjoyed a really cozy dinner outside at a french restaurant. The rest of the evening was spent strolling around the streets and we also payed a quick visit to the hotel’s spa.

I am so tired and it is only 10.30pm. I guess I will go to bed soon, tomorrow we’re going to Zurich which I cannot wait for.


Take care!! xx


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