Zurich is always a good idea. 14-16th of June 

Grüezi guys!!! 
Long time no see…..

Oh well, Zurich is always a good idea and I’ve had the best time.

This post would go on forever if I was to tell you everything we’ve done in detail. To conclude these 2 days all I can say is that it was amazing to see my friends again. Zurich is beautiful and the weather was perfect (except for the thunderstorm that drenched us the first evening).

I watched the girls of my class, ballet class, the other day. I talked for so long with my teacher and we also went to have a coffee during lunch break. Today I got invited to watch the run through of their upcoming spring performance, costume rehearsal. I loved the choreography and it was a pleasure watching.

Being back at the school was so strange. I high key wish I was still there and just thinking about how good everything could’ve been there makes me depressed. At least I’m in a dance school (soon) again and I’ll have an apartment of my own so things seem to turn out the best they could possibly be under the circumstances. Although I could do anything to get back into the school… my teacher thinks it’s a shame the directors are not taking me back in again but there’s nothing you can do to change their decision. As long as I can dance I’m happy and that I actually recovered is amazing.

I met loads of other teachers including the directors when at the school and they were all happy to see me there and that things were going great. Meeting the students was fun too.

Today we’ve been chilling outside in a park until I had to go to the main station and catch my trains to Rougemont, my family and grandparents. My family drove early this morning but since I was going to watch the performance and wanted to spend as much time as possible with my friends I chose to stay and go by train instead.

I’ve had an amazing time in Zurich. I’m so happy I got to come back, it really means a lot to me and I pray to god that it won’t be this long until I see them next.

Now I’ll enjoy some days in the alps with the family, hiking and so on. Stay tuned for some photo spamming!!

Loads of love!! Xo


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