The poverty of earth is never dead. 


Heyy guys!! 

I’m happy to say that I think I’ve been to one of the world’s most beautiful places today. We visited Arnensee and that place was just incredible!! To say the least…. 

It took us around 20 Minutes to drive up the mountain to the lake. We were there for four-five hours something and it was amazing. Pick nick by the lake, walks in the forest, swims in the Cristal blue (turquoise) water and we even climbed up a (steep) waterfall with an amazing view over the lake.

The weather has been perfect and we’re all nicely tanned. Unfortunately we’ll start driving back to Sweden tomorrow. On our way through Germany we will make a quick (cough cough) stop in Metzingen where there’s a big outlet with loads of brands. When done with the shopping we’ll drive to Frankfurt and stay there overnight.

On Friday it is (the Swedish) Midsummer!! Like every other year, we’ll be celebrating with one of my best friends Agnes and I can’t wait till I see her!

The days spent here in the alps in Rougmont, Switzerland, have been the best. By far one of the better times we’ve been here, as we tend to visit every year. Another upcoming thing I’m really excited about is the Vaganova Master Class, which will take place in 12 days…!!

Take care xoxo


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