1 year post surgery 

Heyy guys!! 

Some days ago it was ONE YEAR ago since I did the os trigonum surgery, removing the extra bone I had in my left foot. Above is a  throwback to some weeks after the operation. I’m so glad everything is fine now and I haven’t experienced any problems like that after the surgery. 

I hope you’re all doing well. I haven’t blogged much lately and the reason for that is because I haven’t really done much either.

Midsummer was spent with one of my closest friends Agnes, and her family. We had such a great time although the weather was cold and rainy but that didn’t surprise us much, note to self; we’re in Sweden. Today all I did was going grocery shopping with my parents while my siblings played with our cousins, I’ve worked out for around 3 hours and addition to that I’ve been reading and watching dance moms which is my current obsession, for some reason. 

My workout went really well as I mainly focused on core exercises as well as the arms. I also did loads of pointe exercises & stretched. It is only one week left until I leave for Mikkeli and Vaganova Master Class course, which I’m really excited about. 

Tomorrow my best friend Rut is coming here to our summer house in south of skåne and I couldn’t be any happier to see her. We haven’t seen each other for ages!! ❤ 

I hope you’re all having an amazing summer break. Remember that all days may not be perfectly sunny, spent with friends or family enjoying the weather and having fun but- that’s OK! During days like that, find time to do other things that you’d never do otherwise, maybe clean or go through your closet, read, workout (strength and stretch), prepare pointe shoes or just chill watching TV or good series. Talking about series, does anyone know any good ones you’d recommend? I’ve finished all the ones I’ve been watching and could really use some tips, please comment down below!! 

Take care xx 


4 thoughts on “1 year post surgery 

  1. Well I dont know what type of tv shows you like but I am going to name few of my faves PLL, Orphan Black, Chicago Med PD and Fire, Stitchers and currently my new obsession Wrecked


  2. I’m not sure if you know about Studio Ghibli but they make AMAZING movies, like spirited away, Howl’s Moving Castle and Kiki’s delivery service, as well as the infamous My Neighbour Totoro. They are my favourite movies of all time. They’re not tv series but I would suggest you give them a watch! Hope you Enjoy if you are watching them! Xxx 🙂


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