Weather (mood) swings and zip lining skills 

Hola guys, hope you’re all well!! 

I’m currently watching a Swedish horror movie with Rut. We started off the day with a really good, and should I say essential, workout. Working both loads with the abs, legs, turnout muscles, not to mention back strength and in addition to that I went through a variation en pointe several times. It wasn’t too strenuous but actually was easier than I thought. 

The weather is actually reckless towards us sun craving human beings with the thick clouds covering every single bit of the sky and winds that won’t stop. Hopefully it will cheer up in the nearest future.. pleaseee Sweden. 

After lunch, which was fish and potatoes, we were heading to the dentist for an annual checkup appointment for me. My teeth were all good and there was no problem whatsoever. When home again, we made the most delicious muffins ever, only consisting off (fibre and normal) oats, honey, bananas, baking soda and milk topped with everything from coconut flakes and nuts to chocolate and mixed berries. So yummy and so healthy!! The recipe is to be found Here though it’s all in Swedish, including the measurements… I figured it was worth posting anyways, for all you swedes out there. 😉

In the afternoon Rut and I went for a long walk to the harbour and back, talking lots about the upcoming school year as she’s moving into her own apartment in Oslo to attend a ballet school there and I’ll be moving to the apartment in Stockholm. Big but fun changes! 

Yesterday we went to a park, quite near our summer house, where they had a really cool zip line as well as other activities to try out. It was so much fun. 

We did another workout and stretched after dinner and since then we’ve been eating and watching movies. 

Today it is only 3 days until I go to Finland and Vaganova Master Class course, so exciting! 

Goodnight xx 


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