–> Vaganova MasterClass course

Heyy guys!! 

Tomorrow is the day and I’ll be flying to Helsinki to catch two trains on my way to Mikkeli and Vaganova Masterclass course. I haven’t done ballet class or danced for so long and I am super excited for this. I hope these upcoming two weeks at the country side of Finland with teachers from Vaganova will be amazing!

My best friend Rut left last night which was really sad, fortunately we’re seeing each other in the middle of August again. We had such a great time together and yesterday we went on a bike adventure. Despite the weather issues, rain and storms (!!) we biked for quite a long time but did not really reach our final destination (to be fair it was 1.5 hours away). Instead we turned back and went to the supermarket where we got candy, then we spent the rest of the afternoon watching dance moms as well as packing. Rut and I worked out everyday and were generally active during the time she was her #dancers . Hopefully I am in good (enough) shape for this summer intensive.

I started off this day with two hours of working out and went for a run after dinner as well. My family and I were invited over to our grandparents’  house for lunch as our friends from India are here visiting us. It was a delicious lunch and really nice to meet our friends.

I hope you’re all having a great summer, see you soon!

Oh by the way, I promise to keep you updated everyday as requested 😉 


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