Vaganova Master Class course Day 1 

Holaaaa guys!! 

Soo eventually day 1 came to an end and saying that I’m exhausted would be an understatement… it’s been great though and I’m so happy to be here.

My train arrived around 5, yesterday afternoon. One of the adults here picked me up at the train station and the drive to Kyyhkylän in Mikkeli, where the course is hold, only took about 10 minutes. Then I had dinner & received my keys and the schedule.

I am sharing a little house, so to say, with seven other girls. We have a bathroom (ONE bathroom for eight people), a kitchen and a little common room with a sofa and a TV.

This day started off with breakfast at 7.30am, right when it opened because I was starving. We then had ballet class for an hour and 40 minutes. The teachers are all Russian and it was such a good class. It was absolutely amazing to share the studio with some ( familiar) Vaganova students. They are incredible!! The ballet class was followed by an hour of lunch and then the 3 hours rehearsal/ pointe class started. Those who had variations got to do them and the teachers then decided who will perform at the big gala coming up next Friday. My variation went pretty well and I’m really happy as they told me we’ll rehearse it so that I can perform it at the gala!  Yay!!

We had dinner from four to five and then we finished with two hours of Russian character at 7.15pm. My body is dead, to say the least. I am so excited for ballet tomorrow though and I can’t wait to start working on my variation. Not to mention what an honour it is to share the studio with the Vaganova students.

I am currently watching Prison break in the reception building (where the studio is as well as the gym and the canteen)- taking advantage of the wifi as that unfortunately is non existent in our room. I’ll soon go to sleep though to be well rested for tomorrow’s hard work.

Take care!! 


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