Vaganova master class course Day 4 

Hey guys, what’s up?? 

Guess what I am doing? WATCHING PRISON BREAK ❤ surprise, surprise- am I right? Anyway, today’s been a good day. 

I had a good ballet class and was given many corrections which I’ve gone through. Everything from postions of the arms and shoulders to legs and feet. I really do enjoy the ballet classes here and I think the teachers are great. As I’ve said before, they hardly speak any English and by the time this course is over, I assume I’ll be more or less fluent in Russian. Dance course and a language course all in one? 😉 

We have two ballet masters, one male and one female. Then there’s the character teacher who’s been a principal at the marinsky theatre in Russia and additionally there is a translator who also goes as a teacher I’d say, she gives corrections and translates what the other teachers tell us. It was really funny because during today’s 3 hours rehearsal class, the male teacher came up to me and asked to take a picture with me after class. Guess if I was surprised..! 

Today’s rehearsal went really well. I got a lot of time with the teachers and I feel that things are improving.

I hope everyone reading has had a great day, hopefully the weather where you guys are is better than here: 10 degrees, thick clouds and cold breezes… thanks Finland… 



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