Vaganova Master Class course Day 5 

Hola guys!! 

I’m currently in bed, DED, after today’s long day. The schedule is intense enough without going 45 minutes over time the last class… Today we ended up having almost 3 HOURS character rehearsal… 

Today’s night was supposed to be spent in the studio listening to a ballet history lecture but as that was cancelled me and my friend Noa (Noa & Moa) went to the closest supermarket here. It only took 30 minutes getting there, super close you know.. literally just around the corner or what do you guys say? Anyhow, I got a bunch of candy, super healthy and all. 😉 

I had an OK ballet class today but the rehearsal went really well so I’m very happy with that. It’s only 7 days until the gala. I’ll be performing my solo (Medora act 3 le corsaire) and two character dances with the others. Did I tell you we’ve managed fixing a CD with the right music and GOOD quality, for my variation? It was such a difference rehearsing with that music. 

I’m literally so tired; 1.5 hours of class, 1 hour rehearsal, another hour working out in the gym by myself (I did back, core, legs and ran/walked), almost 3 hours of character and an hour of waking only to buy food. It was totally worth it though. 

Goodnight!! ❤


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