Vaganova Master class course Day 10

Holaaa guys!! 

As per usual, I am super tired and today has been a long day full of rehearsals and even more rehearsals. 

We started off the day with a warmup class for only an hour. I was then asked to directly put on my pointe shoes and do my variation. To be honest it went really bad and I accidentally slipped during the second diagonal, going into a turn as the floor was very slippery and I wasn't wearing a good pair of shoes. I fell right on my knee so it hurts a bit but nothing too bad. 

After rehearsing for awhile, I went to the gym and later on had lunch. At 1.30pm the bus left with all the teachers and students and after 20 minutes we were at the place where the gala will be performed. We did a run through and I am doing three dances, two character ones as well as my solo. My solo went alright the first time but I was too tired the second time to do it good, which was annoying but hopefully everything will be better tomorrow. 

We got back to Kyyhkylän (the initial place) half past five, had dinner and since then I've been watching prison break. 

I hope you've had a good day, see you soon! 💖


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