Vaganova Master Class course Day 11

Hey everyone!! 

I’m so happy because my rehearsals went really well today. Just hoping I’ll keep it up and do even better tomorrow during the gala. I can’t believe these 2 weeks have come to an end, I’ll miss dancing with the amazing Vaganova students and having the opportunity to get feedback from such great and knowledgeable teachers. It’s all been a pleasure!

Our schedule today was the same as yesterday: warmup class, rehearsals, lunch, bus to the concert hall, run through+rehearsals, back for dinner and then chill.

Tomorrow will be pretty much the same except for the fact that we’ll stay at the theatre after the run through to perform the gala. After the gala there will be a party and that’s it! The course is soon finished and I’ll miss it lots.

I hope you’re all good! I promise I’ll write more blogposts with tips and tricks for dance and ballet in particular once I’m home again. If you guys have any specific requests for me to write about, please comment down below!!

Loads of love ❤️ 


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