Vaganova Master Class course: the last day(s) 

Hello from a train somewhere in Finland, hopefully on the right way…. These 2 weeks eventually came to an end and I am so sad to leave this amazing course. I’ve made amazing friends and have had the opportunity to work with incredible teachers whom I will all miss.

However, the goodbyes turned into see-you-later/s as I will be going to Russia to audition for the Vaganova ballet academy.. The (VBA) teachers here think I should go and one of them is in the jury for the auditions. The director of this course, HP Holmström, spoke with me several times and said that he will do everything he can to get me into the school. They suggest me to be in the 5th grade as I’ll then have 4 years in the school and then graduate. Now, the main reason for the audition is because the principal Nikolai needs to decide and see me as well. He hasn’t set an official audition date yet but as soon as the VBA are back from their tour in Japan, in the end of July, the date should be clear. They will call me and let me know as soon as it’s set.

I think that going to Russia is an absolutely amazing opportunity, and auditions are always great no matter what. Whether I have a big chance of getting in or not doesn’t matter, I will go there and do my best and hope that they take me in. If I would get in, I have to make a huge decision. Moving to Russia and attend one of the very best ballet schools in the world? Or stay in Stockholm, live on my own in the apartment and do 3 years at the ballet school before I graduate and start working? For all I know, I will work hard everyday and stay in shape to perform the best I can possible do when auditioning. I’ll let you guys know how it goes…

Yesterday’s’ gala was amazing. It was so much fun being on stage and I think I did my variation relatively good, maybe it was even one of the better times performing it.

Afterwards I had a quick photoshoot with Ida’s sister, who’s a photographer (Tiia) before going to the dinner with all students and teachers. When that was finished I spent the whole night with really good friends. We had such a great time! Although we only got 3 solid hours of sleep, it was totally worth it. The sunrise looked amazing, as you can tell by the photo. Me and my friends are all on the same train and we’ll have some time together at the airport before our planes take off: Poland, Switzerland, Copenhagen and Estonia.

It’s been a real pleasure to attend the Vaganova Master class course in Mikkeli. Hopefully I am seeing the VBA students and teachers soon- one way or another.

Take care!! 💖💖


5 thoughts on “Vaganova Master Class course: the last day(s) 

  1. I admire you and your persistence and hard work endlessly and I’m so happy you got this amazing opportunity and I wish you the best luck on this vba audition, you deserve it! 🍀🍀 You’re still going to conquer the stages of the world, can’t wait to watch you some day, certainly in a company that you believe!


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