Good food? Good life!

Good evening guys!!ย 

It is almost half past seven here in Delhi and we just came home from a really nice dinner at a Korean Restaurant, very near where we live. The food was amazing and you could even order real meat- which is rather rare here.

This is my last evening in Delhi for the upcoming 3 months, the rest of the family is not happy I am leaving and they wish I was staying. I obviously want to live with my family but although I truly love and miss them already, I really do look forward to move to Stockholm and continue with my dance & full time training. To dance not only all day, but every day.

I started off this day by some working out, continued with an hour of physio and then struggled with packing for the rest of the day. Yesterday mom and I got our nails done, both manicure & pedicure at ManiPedi spa. The day before that was spent by the pool, and the other day we visited Khan Market. In other words, I’ve had a really good 10 days here in Delhi, with family and friends. Tonight I will party one last time with my friends, which I’m sure will be loads of fun.

Take care!! <3<3ย 





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