Pumpkin spice and everything nice


Good morning guys and happy Friday 13th…! 

It is officially fall: autumn leaves, lattes, apples, cozy candles, fuzzy socks, netflix and chill. Although my family lives on the other side of earth with 35 degrees and the sun shining bright, I am happy to live at a place where there are Octobers. The month of fall, isn’t it? 

I am so sorry for my absence these past few weeks. I’ve been super busy with school and I also started working on Sundays (serving breakfast at the very nice hotel Kung Carl in Stockholm, 6am-12). LOADS of things have happened since I last wrote a blogpost and I felt that having some time off, not thinking about anything blog related, has been much needed in order to keep up with my busy schedule.

So… where do I start? As always, early mornings and late nights are what my weeks consist off. 7 days out of 7. We had our classical exam this Tuesday and I can’t even tell you what a relief it is to be done with it. We did the barre on pointe, center in flats and after allegro we continued with pointe shoe exercises. I am actually happy with how it turned out and I think I had a good class. On Monday we’ll only do barre and then watch the exam class as it was recorded. I’m scared…


The Christmas performances are getting closer and closer and I will be performing two things. One group dance from Onegin and also the solo of the dying Swan, which is really exciting. Now, as the exam is over I can put all my focus on these two dances.

Fall break is slowly but surely approaching and I can’t believe it is only TWO MORE WEEKS until I (finally) leave for Delhi. I can’t wait to be reunited with my family and friends, not to mention the heat, again- after too many months away.  ❤ ❤ ❤ Missing my family so much!

On Wednesday we were watching a contemporary performance at the Opera and yesterday night was spent listening to the Stravinsky Petrushka festival concert, at Konserthuset in Stockholm. It was mandatory for the whole upper school as we will be working with this piece during music theory. I have to say that it actually wasn’t as boring as I thought it would be, I quite enjoyed it but was also very relieved when it finally finished, 2 hours later. Wilma and I spent the rest of the evening/ night having dinner at Espresso House.

There is a teachers’ conference for all teachers at school today, meaning we have the day off (say whatttt?). I really needed a day off, my body hurts so much from all the hard work, we’re all exhausted and at least 90% of the girls are injured. Today I’ve been reading and studying. I also made a super yummy brunch (scramble egg with the indian masala spice, bacons, avocado, banana cinnamon pancakes and strawberries). Yum!

I’ll soon go out for a walk and I also need to prepare a pair of pointe shoes and finish some essays.

I hope you’re all enjoying fall, wherever you are. Keep working hard! ❤ 


4 from this week

Do it with passion. Or not at all.



Happy Friday y’all!!

I am absolutely exhausted from this week of hard hard hard work. All day. Everyday. I’m not complaining though, getting to do what I love 24/7 makes me truly happy.

We finish around 6pm pretty much everyday. Apart from the daily morning ballet class for 2 hours we do pointe class, variation class & rehearsals, pas de deux, improvisation and modern/contemporary. In addition to that we have Swedish, English, social studies, music, mental training and a class called dansträning where we’re currently learning about injury prevention.

I have loads of fun collaborations going on, with MDM dancewear, La Movenza, Ballet papier & a few more brands, which is very fun. Oh and by the way, I just hit 15 THOUSAND followers on Instagram. How crazy is that?

Such a busy schedule leaves me with very little time to blog, let alone have any free time- except for Sundays. Anyway, that is the reason for the lack of blogposts lately. I’ve been thinking about narrowing down the times I blog to only 2 or 3 times a week, but better written posts and at least one with tips&tricks a week. Sounds good? I think yes!

Hope you all have had a great week and will have an even better weekend.

Loads of love! ❤

La Movenza Dance wear

I’m so happy to be collaborating with the Italian brand La Movenza! Yesterday I got sent some really nice warm up clothes all the way from Italy.

Today was the first day of our Saturday school, we’ve had the whole weekends off until now as the school didn’t want to push us too hard in the beginning. As some weeks have passed we’ve started to work harder and harder, which is very exhausting but definitely so much fun. For repertoire class we’re working on Gamzatti variation and I’m also working extra on the dream variation from Raymonda.

La Movenza got me light grey leg warmers, another pair of pants, a jumpsuit and trash bag pants. I’m really thankful and can’t wait to wear these at school.

I hope you’re all having a good weekend❣️

You are only as strong as you allow yourself to be. Never get discouraged, never give up because consistency & dedication is the key to success.


Long days many rehearsals shenanigans

Heyy guys!!

I am SO sorry I haven’t blogged in forever… Apart from being busy seeing friends this weekend, I’ve also been studying for a big Swedish test we had on Monday.

I’ve been in such a good mood today. We started off with a class about art and society, then we had ballet, pointe class, lunch, Swedish and then we finished with rehearsals/ variation classes, at 6pm. I got home an hour later and after showering and removing my makeup I made dinner: Salmon, quinoa & vegetables, with an avocado- and basil sauce. It was SO yummy. Quick & easy too. DEFINITELY recommend to someone who wants a healthy but quick-fix dinner.

Tomorrow we finish quite early, at 5pm, and I might stay and work a bit more after that. I’ll see how my body is feeling. Yesterday I got new pointe shoes and I am currently trying out Bloch (alpha) as I don’t feel like grishko shoes look very good on me compared to freeds which are good looking but unnecessarily painful. I’ll let you know how these work!

I hope you’ve had a great start of your week. Otherwise, it can only get better 😉

Goodnight ❤

Servants of Terpsichore

Hey guys!

As I am sure you all know by now, me and Wilma had an amazing photoshoot on Sunday, with Johannes Hjorth.

Press Here to get to Johannes blog and see all the pictures he featured, including a fun behind the scenes video!