Survived normal skl –> summer

Holaaaa guysssss! Happy summer holidaysssssssssss ❤ 

This has been a diverse year, to say the least. I am SO relieved to finally know where to go and what to do, as I’ve said multiple times before. Although I think it is important to keep in mind that it is not about the destination but the journey. I couldn’t be more happy about the fact that I am no longer in a normal school, that I managed to recover or that I will go to a dance school again but I am also so happy for all the amazing friends I’ve met and memories I’ve created during this year.

Today was a day filled with tears and joy. It was so sad to say goodbye to my close skoga sisters (besties) at the boarding house. Leaving the school itself wasn’t the issue, but the friends, the memories we’ve created throughout this half year…

My family (my siblings and mom) came to pick me up around lunch and then we drove to Stockholm. We are staying at a friend’s house tonight and will drive to South of Sweden tomorrow afternoon. On Wednesday we’ll be travelling to Switzerland and stop by Zurich which I cannot wait to do. Finally seeing my friends again!

Then there’s the Swedish midsommar which will be celebrated with my best friend and her family, I will also work two weeks, go to Vaganova ballet summer course for two weeks, fix the apartment for the upcoming school year and then we’re going to Delhi in the end of summer.

I honestly can’t get over the fact that I’m on summer break now, like what? 10 weeks of no school, stress or strict rules/ mandatory activities to follow? This summer I will really put focus on my workouts and try to become more stronger and work harder than ever,

See you ❤ lots of love



Happy belated national day !


Hey guys!! 
Happy belated national day Sweden!! We spent this day off with all the boarders at the school, visiting the theme park Gröna Lund. The weather was perfect compared to today’s– rain, rain, rain and storm. 

Yesterday (early) morning I went for a run for an hour, which felt really good. After some brunching with friends, all the boarding houses were split up between different busses which took us to the theme park. We spent around five hours there. Good food, rides and friends!!

We got back home around 8ish and the evening was spent packing. We have our graduation on Friday, meaning we’re leaving the school so everyone has to pack up their stuff for summer.

This morning actually started off with me performing my contemporary solo in front of the whole school during the aula assembly. I also held a short presentation telling them about my story. I think people really liked it and it was so much fun dancing on stage again.

I worked out this afternoon and I’ve spent the rest of the day packing. Right now I’m watching a Barbie (classic) movie and eating cake with my roomie!! Roomie love ❤

Only 1 more (full) day until summer holidays!! Ahhhh so excited 💫💫
See you 


Hey guys!! 
I’m currently on the train, going from Stockholm back to Sigtuna after a (good) ballet class. The weather is so summerish, loveeee it!! The sun’s shining, hardly any clouds and I’d estimate the temperature to 20something. It’s not Delhi’s +40 instant heat but nothing beats a Swedish summer. Though Snapchat said it was only 15 degrees — but everyone knows that Snapchat isn’t the most reliable source for most cases 😉

Anyway, it was SO nice to be reunited with my friends yesterday ❤ I’ve missed them SO much. I think that especially since we’re sharing house and see each other 24/7, being away is pretty tough. I was doubting surviving one week let alone the whole summer? Oh well, thank god there’s social media.

I got back to the boarding house around 6 in the evening, when I had unpacked everything me and Sabina went out for a long walk, enjoying the weather. As always Mondays mean sleep-ins to nine for everyone at SSHL. I can literally never sleep in though & jet lag didn’t exactly make it better. Sabina and I were up and ready to take on the world around 7, we went for another walk followed by a quick ab workout before breakfast- sandwiches and scramble egg with tomatoes and peppers.

My school day was pretty chill. I only had two classes and worked out during lunch, for an hour. I started running for 20 Minutes. Followed by 16 lunges to the front as well as 4 to the side, parallel, and 4 more but turned out. Then I did a set of 50 crunches on a Pilates ball, one minute plank – front and to both sides (aka 3 minutes + side lifts when in plank) and these ‘long dips’/ bikeish leg movements starting from table top and extending one leg at a time- 32 times. I did this set twice. Continued with 30 push-ups, or more like 10+10+10, on the knees. Followed by an exercise for the glutes. Then I did 15 relevés with +5kg weight, two times, back lifts 10×2 and then I stretched.

I hope your day was a good one!! See you 

Bye Stockholm Hello Delhi


–> Boarding the plane to Finland in 10 minutes. I’ll be in Helsinki an hour later and then it is only 6 hours 40 minutes until I hit the ground in India.

À bientôt! 

Summer? Swimming, exams and Delhi feels


Ahhhhh I am leaving for Delhi tomorrow!! My flight is in the afternoon and I will arrive 5.25am on Sunday- Delhi time. I am literally so excited and I cannot wait till I get to see my family again ❤ 

Yesterday, as we had läxis earlier, me, Jamine and Sabina spent a really cozy evening together. We actually went swimming in the sea, it was cold but not freezing. So much fun! The weather has been amazing this past few days, around 26 degrees something, clear blue sky, a shining sun and not much wind. Hopefully it will stay like this from now on all the way to August, I doubt that though….

Sabina and me were ambitious enough to wake up a bit before six this morning, to quickly dress and then go out for a walk. It was so pretty and such a nice time. ❤

I had ballet today (unfortunately a really bad class) but before going back to Sigtuna I met with Sabina & Jamine once again and we had a cozy dinner. I am now pretty much packed and won’t do much more today, I will workout before leaving tomorrow but other than that my schedule isn’t the most busy at the moment. I had my last English exam today so now it is only a french one left, then done for the year (I guess!) 🙂

I hope you all have had a good Friday, enjoy the wknd and find time to go out in the nice weather- you never know how long it will last!!