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It is only 18 days until our break. I literally cannot wait to go back to Delhi again. I will arrive Thursday and we’ll fly to Singapore on Saturday- staying there until Wednesday. I will then be in Delhi till Saturday/Sunday where I’ll fly back to Sweden. So excited to go travel again!

I will be truly happy seeing my mom, dad, my siblings and my cat again. I miss them all so much! I also look so much forward to meet my friends there.

Good thing time flies fast…


Pointe shoe talk <3

Low shank or high shank? Soft box or a hard one? Strong feet or weak? Freed or Grishko? Capezio or Bloch? Ankle band or without? Today we’ll have some pointe shoe talk! 

I have quite long feet but narrow as well, which makes it harder to find a shoe that really fits me, since shoes usually aren’t that narrow. My feet are flexible, which also means that they are weaker compared to someone having a stiffer foot.
Pointe shoes should give you support, allow your feet to be shown from its best sides, not be too painful, not too hard nor too soft. The shoes should feel comfortable from the beginning, it should provide you with a feeling of hugging your feet: giving you the needed support.

My first pair of pointe shoes were Grishkos 2007. I’ve stuck with them every since I got them, on the age of 10. I found them narrow and they fit my feet almost perfectly. Though the heal is always a bit too big. This is why I put elastic bands (like a cross over my ankle).

Lately, I have gotten more into the world of the Freeds. Freeds have for a long time been very uncomfortable, nothing good but giving my foot a nice look. My ballet friend in India, who I spent many hours with, showed me how to break them in: making them less uncomfortable as well. 

I’ve barely been using my Grishkos since then. Freed really shows the best of my feet. In normal shoes, I usually have 39/40. In my Grishko pointe shoe size is 6 1/2  XX and 6 1/2 D in the Freed.

The first thing I do, when getting a new pair of pointe shoes, is to prepare them. I put on ribbons, sew the platform on the front of the shoes,  as well as add elastics over the ankle to make the shoes tighter and more narrow. Then I step on both the vamps with my heels, to soften them. I continue by bending the upper shank a little: to soften that one as well. After that, I put on the shoes.

What do I do to break in my shoes? Start by going through half pointe- to pointe, from pointe through half pointe and then flat on the floor. You will need to get a soft half pointe, which will make it easier in all future pointe work. If the half pointe is really hard and doesn’t want to cope, try jumping in half pointe- that will help. Also, go up on full relevé and bend your legs to a grand plié- put all the weight on your feet. This stretches your ankles to the max.

Photo from: http://pascb.com/tips-buying-pointe-shoes/

My favourite exercises to strengthen my feet must be the simple flex-and-point exercise. You sit on the floor with the legs stretched out in front of you. Remember, stay parallel and always engage the inside of your legs as well. Then you just simple point & flex your feet, making resistance with your muscles. Your main goal should be to try and keep the toes sort of flexed all the time. The thinking that the toes are flexed and in the direction to you should always be there.

Relevés are great to do, which help strengthening your legs and especially the calves.

This was all for today. Don’t ever hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns! 

Keep working hard, 

Keep calm and have a spa dayy

Good evening all!! Yesterday I had a day spent with my family & good friends, at a spa in Varberg (around an hour from here). That’s why I no blogpost came up. 

There were many different saunas, showers & pools. We ate lots of good food and overall had a great time. We only stayed at the hotel overnight and got back this afternoon. I’ve been studying since then.

It’s 5 days until I start at the boarding school, (Sigtunas Humanistiska Läroverk) SSHL. I’m actually really excited and I look a lot forward to it!

Tomorrow, we’ll drive to our cousins in Lund, an hour from here. We will then spend the day with them and stay there, overnight as well. Do some shopping & those fun stuff.

I’m currently having such an annoying cold. I did a calmer workout yesterday anyways, in the gym at the hotel & we all took a yoga class before that. My throat is really sore today so I couldn’t do as an intense workout as I’d wanted to, but I’ll take some time stretching when finished studying instead.

If you haven’t watched the series Homeland, you have to do it! It’s amazing…! I’ll spend the rest of the evening watching it with mom & sis ❤

Sweet dreams!  

Dream catcher obsessions

Hello everyone!! 
I am currently stuck in traffic, as per usual, so why not write another blogpost? 

Yesterday was spent doing math & economics all day (which resulted in minimum studying today), but the evening was great fun. Me & some friends had a calmer, still really good night, watching a horror movie, hanging out- taking walks & talking.

I wasn’t too productive this morning, I did a bit of business studies. Our maid doesn’t work on Sundays so we made lunch ourselves, pesto pasta with bacon & vegetables, delicious. Then we, my family & I, went to Dili Haat– for the second time.

Since it was the middle of the day on the weekend, it was much more busy than when mom & I went there on a weekday. We managed to buy some cool things anyways, I bought two really pretty dream catchers & a necklace, which I’ve been looking for a long time. Everything is very cheap & especially with a bit of bargaining.

The weather has been really good today, not too much pollution- under 200, which is only ‘very unhealthy’… The temperature is around 25 degrees & the sun is shining. Perfect weather! A huge difference comparing it to snowy Sweden… I am not missing the cold. 

When I am home again, I will workout & then study the rest of the evening & night.

I am leaving Delhi in exactly one week… I really don’t want to and I’m not excited going, even though I will be flying to Stockholm. I hate how I have to leave just when I’ve found such good friends & really gotten into the life here. Well, I guess going to the boarding school in Sweden will be good as well, at least I’ll be back here in Delhi in the end of February. Time will pass quickly I hope.

I hope you’ve had a good weekend, it’s only some days until Christmas break. Here, the school’s out the 22nd, that would be a little tight with all Christmas celebrations, so my family will leave some days early. Although me, my mom & little brother are going even earlier, since he’s in second grade it’s not that dramatic missing some days of school. 

Sweet dreams! 

Pollution fears & money struggles

As the topic says- pollution fears & money struggles are the daily problems here in Delhi, India. The country is literally out of money because of the sudden change of the bills & you have extreme luck if you manage to get some from the ATMs…
Compare the photos of our view from the balcony to one another- you’d be blind if you cannot tell which one is the one showing today’s pollution. That’s a huge difference.
Horrible, right?

Today I started the morning with walking at the treadmill in the gym, for half an hour. I then got ready & did a little bit of studying (math!), before mom & I went to have brunch with people from a group called “Gurgaon Connection”. That’s basically a group of expats, all adults living in Gurgaon, who meets & do fun activities together. We met nice people & had a good time, before heading to Delhi & to physio.

I did physio for an hour, I felt really good & I am happy with the progress of my back, at the moment. We had lunch at school, where I met other friends. When my siblings finished, we picked them up and went home. This evening I’ve been studying with my sister. ❤

This was my day, I hope yours was a good one. Good night!

Life is a one time offer- use it well!


That’s a good quote, isn’t it?

Today I started my morning with a nice workout, after having some buffet breakfast. I did a hard workout yesterday so I took it a little easier today. I’ve had slightly more pain than usual in my back, but no where near as bad as it was before (TOUCHWOOD!), so I try to really make sure that I don’t push too hard- or the opposite. I guess the way to being recovered doesn’t  go straight up, or positive all the way, right?
Recovering is like a roller coaster, it goes up & down,  sometimes it’s not fun at all while at other times everything feels great…

At lunch time, I met up with a bunch of friends. Then I head to the part of the city where we ‘used to’ live, to meet the family that nowadays owns our dog, Zingo. It was so nice meeting my little cutie again, he was overwhelmingly happy to see me again. Too cute! I then did some errands & Christmas shopping in town, before having dinner with another friend of mine. Full schedule, isn’t it?

Tonight, I watched the nutcracker together with the Royal Swedish ballet school, (with other words) my old school. It was fun watching it but also a bit weird, I mean, I am now used to dance it and watch it from the curtains on the sides, not form the public. Anways, I had a great evening. I talked a lot to my former teacher as well, she’s so nice.

Tomorrow I have to run some more errands & fix quite a lot of things. I will also watch another ballet class at the school- and see the nutcracker a second time (another cast will do it then so I’ll get to see all my friends performing!). My dad and I will leave Stockholm & go to the airport around 11 am on Thursday. I really do enjoy my time here in Sweden, but I cannot wait until I get to the sun & warmth in Dubai.

I hope your day was good, night! ❤