Q&A time !

Do you have any tips on starting dancing boarding school?
Don't bring too much unnecessary stuff. Instead, try to pack smart and bring things like containers to be put in your wardrobe or under the bed to make even more space for your clothes and other important stuff. Name all your clothes that you know will be easily mixed up or that you care for more, tights for example. Basically everyone has the same tights more or less and you don't want anyone to accidentally steal yours, right? Other than that I can't think of any more tips for now, if I come up with something later I'll definitely add that!

Har du någon gång känner att du inte orkar mer och bara ligga i sägnen och ge up? Have you ever felt that you just can't do it anymore and just wanna stay in bed and give it all up?
To be completely honest, yessssss!! Of course I have. Some days aren't good days and that's okay. It wouldn't be as fun if everything always goes smooth and with no obstacles on the way whatsoever. Am I right? Remember, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and feeling down only indicates you've had way better days. And lastly, after the rain comes the sun, isn't it?

How much do you weight and how tall are you? I don't want to tell you my weight but I'm 173 cm. ☺️

Advice on beginning pointe? Be extremely careful when fitting the shoes so that you get the very best ones for YOUR feet. Put the shoes on a lot at home, before going to the studio. Don't do too many relevés or such before your teacher have advised you though, just wear the shoes with socks over and let the foot get used to the hard shank.

Tips if u have flexible issues? Always warm up before stretching, don't stress if you don't see results over a day or two. Remember, quality over quantity.

How do you get your extensions fast? Hard work will eventually give results but until then, keep stretching and strengthening outside class.

Who is your ballet role model / what tips do you have for dancers who feel like they're not good enough ? i love your blog so much !! 💘 thank youuuu ❤❤ Sylvie Guillem and Svetlana Zakharova are two amazing dancers I definitely look up to, to only mention a few. There are so many great dancers out there, big and small. Dusty Button (Instagram famous) is my daily inspiration as well, who doesn't wish to have the ability to turn like she does? And that turnout and extensions .. 😍

När började du dansa ?💗 When did you start dancing? I started dancing when I was 10 years old.

How do you have so much motivation to run, stretch, swim and practise everyday?? Oh well; you tell me… Something that really motivates me and keeps me going is actually the simple thought that hard work beats talent if talent doesn't work hard. I love the fact that I have loads of things I need to work on- to really take the job and make a difference about it. I know what I want to do and nothing will stop me from working towards my goals, not even a little stress fracture in the back 😉

Oh moa. 👯😍I really love your blogs. Your last one actually helped me so much. Now I know new exercises. And who does not need new inspirations?
So now to you upcoming Q&A. I do have a question:
Are you naturally so skinny or are you on a diet? I do have weight problems and I need some answers. How do I lose weight? I already eat pretty healthy and not to much. Do you have an advice for me? Thanks a lot! ❤️❤️
I am naturally skinny and I love food!! I think the most important to maintain your weight is to eat a little but quite often. Choose food like apples, carrots or other fruits as in between meals- snacks. Make sure you eat more salad and protein than carbs and always stay hydrated by drinking loads of water!!

If you were an animal, what would you like to be? Hmmm maybe a cat? I love cats and their lives seem to be so easy, just sleep, eat, sleep and repeat.

Have you done any other sports than dance? I did horse riding as a child, track and field, tennis and even football for a bit- but I wasn't very passionate about either of them. Figure skating though, that's something I really liked and it kind of got me in to ballet as my coach was a former dancer.

Series recommendations? PRISON BREAK ALL DAY EVERYDAY

That was it for this time, I hope you enjoyed this Q&A, let me know if you have any more questions down below!

Take care ❤


Instagram Q&A: What do I have for breakfast?

Yesterday, I asked for questions to a Q&A, on my Instagram. Most of the questions are from that photo, but some are also older. I hope you enjoy reading! 

What’s your favourite breakfast? Hmm… this really depends a lot. Usually I eat two slices of bread & drink some tea. We have fresh fruit everyday, here in India, so I’ve started having porridge with melon a little bit of honey and milk instead. So as you can see, it really depends a lot. My absolute favorite breakfast would then be hotel breakfast, when you can choose whatever you’d like.

Which is the three things you need when travelling? First, a suitcase. Kidding, that’s obvious. This depends on the situation as well, is it for an audition, a little weekend trip or a longer time spent in a tropical country… Anyways, three things I always bring with me is a camera (either the iPhone or an actual camera), some books & makeup!

What kind of things do you do for physio? You can find a whole blogpost about this; here.

What’s the brand of pointe shoes you wear? I wear Grishko 2007.

Why do you live in India? I live in India because my dad got transferred to work here. The contract says 2 years but might as well be 3. Then we might continue moving after that.

Do you ever struggle with acne? If so, how did you cure it? No I haven’t (touchwood). I have rather dry skin though, which I guess is quite the opposite to people with acne. But remember, your skin is a reaction of what you eat and how you treat your body. Keeping it healthy and steady, will show on your skin as well.

What are your favourite lunches for dancers? I really don’t have a favourite lunch actually. And it also depends what you are doing after. Let’s say you have class after lunch, then I wouldn’t suggest you to eat a giant plate of fries, nuggets or fast food like that. I always prefer a lighter lunch when dancing, like pasta salad, or chicken etc. That makes you full, but not too full, as well as gives you the right energy to work really hard. I also always take snack with me throughout the day, to eat in between classes. Like an apple, some other fruit, granola bars, yoghurt or sandwiches.

If you worked out the previous day and are sore the next day or are sore from stretching from the previous day, do you recommend stretching the next day as well in order to improve and the results? U always said do a little bit everyday, but what about when your muscles ache from stretching? Just do it? Thanks and lots of love xxxx. Okay, so I will say something really classy: listen to your body. If your muscles ache, try to gentle push in the stretches where you feel the pain. Is it too bad, stop it. Leave it. Do more tomorrow. You can also try to stretch something else, for instance, if you are sore from doing the splits, try other stretches that stretch other muscles instead. Do not sit in over split for 10 minutes, gentle push your body. Do not only go for static stretches & always think about building strength while doing it. This, to prevent injuries and to not hurt yourself. Love! X

How to get in shape the fastest? My tip would be, if having a longer break, to take a week or so completely off. Then start training again. Don’t ever only stretch. Do as much strength as stretch. If being a ballet dancer, keep in shape by doing other sports too. Swimming, running and so on. To get in shape really fast, do strength + stretch everyday. Go for a run as well. Do a floorbarre, put your pointe shoes on & do barre. Hope it helps!

Oh lol do another question: what is your “go to” breakfast? Do you have a specific breakfast routine when you train and do ballet? Or just breakfast foods that go on rotation? Nope, no specific breakfast when dancing or practicing. As I mentioned above, I eat what I feel like and it also depends on where & when. In Zurich, for example, there I always ate two or three slices of bread & porridge with fruit salad.

What’s your advice for young dancers? My absolutely TOP advices for young dancers would be these: Always push yourself to your limits, but without overdoing it. Listen carefully to your body & please do not keep dancing with the wrong pain- I’ve done it too many times. As a dancer, you always have a pain more or less everywhere. But there is the good and sore pain & the bad pain pain, injuries. Also, think that doing abdominal exercises & working on muscles in your back, glutes, feet & knees (etc) are just as important as the daily stretching. Summery; work hard and don’t loose hope, at the same time really listen to your body and do not do anything dangerous.

Take care! ❤

Fall spice tag 

1. Bath & bodyworks candles or Yankee candles? I would say that I prefer the bath & bodyworks candles the most.

2. Fav fall accessory? All my cozy sweaters, jumpers & joggers.

3. Uggs or moccasins? Uggs! Comfy & cute.

4. Fuzzy socks or knee socks? I really like both, but I would say that I prefer the fuzzy socks.

5. North Face or Columbia? North face!

6. Red or pink lips? Absolutely red lips, for quite obvious reasons. Although I prefer more darker colours in fall. Pink is for summer.

7. Favourite fall food? Hmmm… just all sorts of hot drinks I would say. Especially chai tea. But if I really have to choose something you eat, and not just drink, I chose

8. Winged eyeliner or bold eyeshadow? Definitely both! Not at the same time though. I love wearing bold eyeshadow just as much eyeliner.

9. Natural/ cold/ light or bold/ warm/ dark makeup? It depends on the situation really, where & when.

10. Apple pie or brownie? Mom’s apple pie, always.

11. Would you rather cook the food or eat it? Cook!

Instagram Q&A part 1 

Here comes around half of the questions I go from the Q&A on my instagram, sorry for taking such a long time before I finally uploaded it. I hope you like to read my answers, as I like to answer your questions: 

What are you trying to improve in ballet? EVERYTHING! As a dancer you keep working hard everyday to continue to develop and grow. My main things, I think extra about, and work even harder for, is especially my arms, turns & overall the stability in my body.

How do you stay so fit? Being a ballet dancer & dancing everyday makes you fit I guess. I dance all day, six days a week.

Which dancer do you look up to? There are many dance people I look up to. The famous ones, such as Svetlana Zahkarova, Sylvie Gulliem, Natalia Osipova & so on. But there are also dancers I know, who I look up to a lot.

Favourite ballet? Hmm… Actually I don’t really have a favourite ballet.

What is your dream company? I must sound like such a boring person, but actually I don’t have dream company (yet…).

What exercises do you use to improve turnout? There are loads and loads of turnout exercises you can do. If you google “turnout exercises” on my blog, you will find a blogpost with a few of the ones I do. My bet tip would be to not only strengthen, but also to stretch your hip flexors.

Is it possible for ballet dancer like me who started ballet at age of 13 become professional dancers? Ps, I love your blog. Thank you very much! Actually, this depends a lot; what does your body look like, what do you already know, basically how you dance and what’s your technique like… But it is never ever too late to start ballet if you do it as a hobby.

How do you improve your develope height? My top tips would be to stretch a lot, as well as strengthening. Take your leg in the hand, push it up till where you want it to be. Then try to let go, do this several times a day & your leg will gradually go higher up. Over splits (which I talk about all the time) are great too.

How do you eat? Usually with a fork and a knife, if it is things such as candy, chips or other sweets, I eat with my hands. Just kidding, you probably mean what do you eat- and I can tell you one thing: I eat everything! Meat, vegetables, pasta, fruits as well as candy, chips and chocolate etc etc.

What kind of thread do you use to sew the platform? This is a photo of it!

What is your 3 favourite makeup products xx? My Lorac pro 2 palette, I use it everyday, my Lancôme mascara & my beautblender- if that one counts.

What are some stretches on getting en pointe? Any tips for someone who is not flexible? If you mean that you’ll want to get more on & over the platform of the pointe shoe, I think you can do that by the help of a theraband- to stretch the ankle. You can take your foot in your hand, and gently but hard, press the foot to bend the ankle more. You could also ask a friend to press your foot, while the friend is pressing your foot down against the floor- try to press it up against the ceiling. Then relax and let the foot go further down.

How to get in shape the fastest? During the summer, I’ve been working out everyday to keep my body going. I’ve mixed between doing lots of core, legs, arms, turnout and back exercises (and so on)- but I have also been swimming a lot. Running is also a great thing to do. My best tip would be to always stay somewhat active, during breaks. Take longer walks, run, exercises, swim and so on.

In Zurich, will you only have dance classes or will you have other styles of dance as well? I have ballet everyday, six days a week. Then we also do modern, improvisation, pas de deux, pointe classes & body conditioning. As for academics we have english & general knowledge, we also have dance history & music theory.

What is your favourite stretch? My favourite stretch would definitely be the splits or the flog stretch.

How long will you stay in Zurich? Will you do a fan meet up there? I honestly don’t know, I am planning on doing these 3 last years at taZ, then try to find a job in a good company. But, you never know what happens. I also have lots of problem with my back and my foot, so I will see what happens in the future. And sorry no, I am not going to do a fan meet up here.

How do you stay in shape during breaks for dance? I am always active whenever I don’t dance. I swim, I run, I do different types of workouts & stretch, on a daily basis.

What is your makeup routine? I start with applying foundation with a beautyblender (after moisturising my skin), then I take powder, I do my eyebrows, apply a little bit of black eyeliner & then I do mascara. It is very simple and takes like 5-10 minutes.

Favorite go-to-snack? Hmm, it would probably be like a muesli bars, a banana or an apple.

Best thing about Swizterland? It is such a beautiful country, I love it so much! SO, clean, pretty, very well-organized & just overall wonderful (but also very expensive).

These were some of the questions I got from my latest Q&A, on instagram. I will post the 2nd part rather soon. 

Have a great day! 



Interview: Filip; School life in Delhi (2 days in school yet) 

“Hey everyone’! My name is Filip. I am seven years old, but will be eight in September. I am Moa, Thea & Tuva’s little brother, I have three siblings. I love them so much. I just moved to Delhi, I go to the American Embassy School.”

What was your first day like? Good. It was very very good. All wanted to be friends with me, and they were very nice. I found nothing in AES at first, now I find everything. It only took one day.

Have you gotten any friends? Yeah, I play with two friends in the breaks. One is from Norway. The friends are from all over the world.
What is your favorite subject, yet? Math. It is so fun, I love to do it. I just like it very much.

What do you think about AES? It’s a very very good school, and very big, not too big. Now I can find everything, which I said before.

Tell me about your teachers! I have two teachers. They are super good.

Is the school different from your old school in Sweden? Yeah, really. The school in Sweden is very small if you compare to AES. It is more fun, like a fun labyrinth. Much more things to do. You can do minecraft after school, swimming or Lego and many other really fun stuff. There is a pool in the school!

How do you go to school? I get driven my a driver now. When we live in Magnolias me and Thea will go by the school bus, together with my friends.

Is it hard to understand the english? No it is easy.

Do you prefer Sweden or India the most (school wise)? India is more fun. I learn more and there is more fun things here, not in Sweden. My school in Sweden is more boring, but not bad.

These were some questions I asked my little brother. He is the cutest, so funny, & it is absolutely amazing to see how much English he has already learned. I mean, it is his third day in school tomorrow and he cannot stop talking English. Love him extremely much! I can’t imagine my life without me, he’s such a huge part of me.


“Look Moa! I am a twoicorn! Hahah, get it?” ❤ ❤ ❤

Hope your days was great! 


Instagram Q&A


Here are some of the many questions I got from my Instagram, @ moa.andreasson. I still have questions left to answer, many of them are regarding pointe shoes. Therefor, I was thinking that I will do a separate blogpost, only about pointe shoes. Until then, here are the answers!

What is your favorite brand of leotard? I prefer my Capezio leotards the most. They are very comfortable and have such a great fit.

Could you maybe explain some exercises to improve en dehors please?  Combining stretches and strengthening are great. I love the splits, make sure you have those. Frog lifts and lifts in second position (on the floor, stomach facing down), are also very good.

What you want to do in the future? Do you have any tips for starting ballet like what to take to the class? I want to dance for some years now. Then I want to start studying to maybe become a lawyer, and of course after a few years from then- I want to have children and a husband and all those things. I will post a blogpost very soon, regarding the first dance class and what to bring and so on.

What are some exercises you do to work on your over splits?  Start with warming up your hip flexors, either by doing turnout exercises before, or by leg swings. Then continue with doing the regular splits, gradually increase the height you put your legs on.

When did you start dancing? I started when I was 10 years old.

How was the audition for taZ, how long, how many…? I was quite sick during that audition, I unlikely caught a cold a few days before the audition, so for me it was really intense. It lasted for 2 hours and a bit more than 30 minutes, if I don’t remember it wrong. That included a barre, center, jumps, pointe for the girls and the boys’ exercises for the boys, basically all the exercises you do for class. We were wearing numbers on the front and in the back of the leotards, I think I got number 7. They continued throughout the whole class, to ask people to leave. They started right after the barre. In the end we were not many left. Luckily I got to do the whole audition and later go an email which told me that I got in, happy moment!

What is your dream ballet and what role would you be? Actually I don’t have a dream ballet, I want to dance in a well known great company and do lots of performances, of all kinds- focusing the very most on ballet.

How long have you been a dancer? 🙂 I started at the age of 10. You can check out earlier blogposts to find out more.

How are your legs so skinny? Personally I don’t think they are, but anyways, I don’t do ay diets or anything.

Do you have any dream ballet company? Which one(s)? Do you recommend Sweden as a good place to live? As I said above, I want to dance in a well known great company but I don’t have one particular, at the moment. I would say Sweden is more than a great place to live.

What is what you believe the most? I actually don’t know, I believe in many things but seen from a religious perspective, I am baptized but do not believe in God. Even though, I definitely respect every religion.

Have you ever seen the stuttgart ballet perform?  Nope, but I would like to.

Do you do anything to slim your arms? Or is it just the cardio from dancing that does it? Rather the opposite, we are ‘naturally thin’ in my family and I always have to think about eating a lot, looking too thin is not beautiful.

Can you write a blogpost about what turnout exercises you do? Yep absolutely! I have actually been writing a blogpost like this for quite some weeks now. It is finished but the only problem is that I have not taken any photos yet, I’ll do that soon though, then I will upload it.

Are you on vacation or are you truly living there? My family is truly living here in India, Dehli, now. It will for sure be for 2 years, but it can also be longer. We are hoping to continue moving when these years have passed. I am still moving to Zurich though, in a few weeks.

Your an amazing ballerina! Where do you dance? Thank you so much ❤ I used to go to the Royal Swedish Ballet school, now I will attend the Tanz Akademie in Zurich, in August.

How do you stay so slim and still have enough energy to get through all your classes? Whenever I try to eat less I don’t have enough energy to finish all of my classes. I never skip a meal or diet or such things. It is the same with me- I always have to eat a lot to get through my classes, otherwise my energy level would be too low to present myself at my best.

What exercises do you do to build such lean muscles? What are you tips on turns and extensions? If you work hard in ballet, ballet itself will form your muscles. I have just written a blogpost about improving turns, I will post it tomorrow.

What do you love bout your home country? It is very beautiful!

What’s your wish for the future? I want to live a happy life, dancing, later I want to educate, even later than that, I want to have children and a home and so on. Just like I mentioned above.

How can you be so slim and still have energy to get trough all your classes. When I eat less I don’t have enough energy to finish all of my classes??? I think it is the same with everyone, you always have to eat to get the right amount of energy into your body to perform at your best.

What’s your idea of a perfect day? A day with ballet, friends, great food and perfect sunny weather!

Have you ever been to Japan? If yes, tell me what is your impression. If not, do you want to visit? No, sadly I haven’t. I really want to go there though. It is on my bucket travel list!