New in: Armani, Juicy Couture & Forever New

Hey guys!!

The first day of school for my siblings has officially finished and they're very happy to be back on track: reunions with friends, new students starting, scheduling play dates & what seems to be the most exciting thing of them all: my two youngest siblings have had their first language classes. Tuva is doing french and filip chose to learn Spanish. Exciting!

Today was a successful SHOPPING day!! As I was sick during the night and didn't feel very well in the morning I had to cancel my physio session… Delhi belly is no fun.

I was feeling much better after some hours of rest in bed, watching House of Cards, so mom and I head to Ambience Mall. We had a really cozy lunch together before doing some shopping.

I found such a nice purse from Armani with 40% discount, I also bought really nice – simple, black and elegant sun glasses from Juicy couture. Lastly I got a pair of slip ons from Geox and a top from Forever New. Successful shopping, wasn't it?

I hope you're all well,


New in 

Heyy guys!! What’s up? 

I bought these jeans a while ago, when in Zurich. I haven’t showed u guys them yet so I figured I’d post these photos. They’re from Tally Weijl, definitely one of my favourite clothing brands! 

Take care xo

New in (forgotten edition) 

I am IN LOVE with these over the knee boots, from Steve Madden. Comfy, nice looking & can make any outfit look even better. 

Actually, the other day when I went to the mall, I wrote in the blog that the only thing I bought was a notebook- but that’s totally false. Somehow I managed to forgot the two pair of shoes that I bought as well. How? I have no idea… anyways, In the boarding school I’ll attend after Christmas, you have to have black shoes to go with the school uniform.

I bought a pair of over the knee boots, as well as some cute, simple & black ballerina shoes, both from Steve Madden. 


Short-term pain, long-term gain? 

Lacoste & Tommy
My absolute fav animal in the world ❤️
Ft. super delicious muffins made by our maid

I’ve spent the most of my day studying economics. It’s from my Business Studies book that I found the little quote above. That’s a good one, isn’t it? 

I had an early morning, waking up at six o’clock. After having breakfast & a little bit of reading & studying, I head to my friend’s house- for another one of these good workouts. We worked out for around one & a half hours.

Can anyone guess what I’ll do tomorrow…? 

…Watch a ballet class! I’ll visit a ballet school here in Gurgaon, it will be interesting watching the class and I can wait to tell you more about it.

After lunch, my mom & I did a quick visit to Ambience Mall, where I bought 3 things from Tommy Hilfiger & Lacoste. The whole afternoon, as well as the evening- was spent studying.

I have a lot of things to study, especially since I’ll have to take some tests right after the Christmas break, to compensate what I’ve missed throughout this semester. Although it’s a lot of things to do, I am really happy about it. I have found a perfect balance between working out & practising hard everyday, while getting lots of things done with the academics- as well as having fun & seeing friends. I am also quite happy about not having any upcoming finals or exams, as my friends have. Wishing them the best though!

I hope you’ve had a good day. Sweet dreams! ❤️️