New in (forgotten edition) 

I am IN LOVE with these over the knee boots, from Steve Madden. Comfy, nice looking & can make any outfit look even better. 

Actually, the other day when I went to the mall, I wrote in the blog that the only thing I bought was a notebook- but that’s totally false. Somehow I managed to forgot the two pair of shoes that I bought as well. How? I have no idea… anyways, In the boarding school I’ll attend after Christmas, you have to have black shoes to go with the school uniform.

I bought a pair of over the knee boots, as well as some cute, simple & black ballerina shoes, both from Steve Madden. 


Short-term pain, long-term gain? 

Lacoste & Tommy
My absolute fav animal in the world ❤️
Ft. super delicious muffins made by our maid

I’ve spent the most of my day studying economics. It’s from my Business Studies book that I found the little quote above. That’s a good one, isn’t it? 

I had an early morning, waking up at six o’clock. After having breakfast & a little bit of reading & studying, I head to my friend’s house- for another one of these good workouts. We worked out for around one & a half hours.

Can anyone guess what I’ll do tomorrow…? 

…Watch a ballet class! I’ll visit a ballet school here in Gurgaon, it will be interesting watching the class and I can wait to tell you more about it.

After lunch, my mom & I did a quick visit to Ambience Mall, where I bought 3 things from Tommy Hilfiger & Lacoste. The whole afternoon, as well as the evening- was spent studying.

I have a lot of things to study, especially since I’ll have to take some tests right after the Christmas break, to compensate what I’ve missed throughout this semester. Although it’s a lot of things to do, I am really happy about it. I have found a perfect balance between working out & practising hard everyday, while getting lots of things done with the academics- as well as having fun & seeing friends. I am also quite happy about not having any upcoming finals or exams, as my friends have. Wishing them the best though!

I hope you’ve had a good day. Sweet dreams! ❤️️

Model scouted for the 4th time?!

Shopping. Shopping. Shopping. Shopping.
“Do not disturb. Shopping in progress.” 

This day has mainly been spent on a shopping mall here in Malmö, with my grandma. Believe it or not, almost none of my bags contain things for me: but for my family, as Christmas presents. With other words, I’ve done some (quite early!)  Christmas shopping. I mainly bought things which I will not be able to get until it’s Christmas, since I won’t be in Sweden until only some days before the actual Christmas Eve. My grandma was super nice and bought me a cute bra, from a pretty Swedish brand, named Odd Molly. I love it ! 

The only thing I got for myself was a black, thick dress, with a loose turtle neck; from H&M. I absolutely love it, I haven’t taken any photos of it yet. I promise you’ll find a bunch here on the blog though- sooner or later…. 

My grandma & I had a delicious sushi lunch at the mall, we also went to buy some coffee at Espresso house. All in the same building. While waiting for the drinks to arrive, a man knocked my shoulder. He presented himself & gave me his card. He was from Sweden’s leading model agency, MIKAS, & told me to contact him if I am interested to join the agency. If thanked him & gladly took the card. This is my 4th time I’ve been model scouted. I’ve never really gotten in to the businesses before, probably because the lack of time. Maybe the world is trying to tell me something now… If given the possibility, doing modelling outside regular work can give you great money- and it’s fun! We’ll contact the model scout soon. Of course I’ll keep you updated.

In the afternoon, I did an easy workout. I cannot do a too heavy one now, since I still have the most annoying cold ever. At least it’s slightly better today. I met my counsins in the evening and we went out to a really nice tapas restaurant. We spent the rest of the evening at their house, cuddling with their (huge, cute & cozy) dog, making tea, snacking & talking as well as watching the loved Modern Family. 

Tomorrow I am going to one of my best friend’s house, to spend the weekend with her. She lives in the south of Sweden as well, & her house is only a 20 minute drive from here. I can’t wait to see her again! 

I hope your day was a good one. Mine was really good & I had a great time spent with grandma, as well as with my cousins. Bye for now!